Advertorial in Pitza site


Advertorials help you to introduce your products to your potential customers and increase your sales. Indeed, you use high traffic media to attract new people, encourage your current customers and sales network. To order an advertorial in Pitza website, you should make your photos and texts ready. You can do it by yourself, or our experts do it for you.

What specifications should the text and photos of an advertorial have?

  • Suggested Pictures Specifications:
    • The factory pictures should:
      • Be new
      • Use appropriate light
      • Staff must have to wear working clothes compatible with health rules
      • Do not have watermark or logo
      • Show at least two stages of production
    • Products photos should:
      • Use appropriate light
      • The flashlight shouldn’t be visible on the packaging surface
      • Separate images from the front and back of products
      • Standards and other permission logos should be visible
      • Show the size and weight of packaging
    • Staff and sales manager photos should:
      • Be new
      • Use appropriate light
      • It is better to take pictures in your office
  • In advertorial text you should:
    • Mention to at least to a positive change in the factory or company (a recent positive change)
    • Mention the date of the establishment of the company, the location of the factory, the number of employees and the amount of production
    • Refer to the company’s short-term plans for growth
    • Note the differences and possible reasons that attract buyers (buyer’s interests)
    • Include the company’s standards and awards
    • Include contact details for the sales department at the end of the text

Your announcement will be published on the Pitza site and its Telegram Channel and will remain on the website for 2 years.

  • Publishing your advertorial in pizza site (you make everything ready to publish by yourself): 50 AU$
  • Translating your advertorial to Persian and publishing it in Persian part of the website: 150 AU$
  • Taking photos from your factory, products and office [Contact Us]

Please feel free to contact us and ask any questions you have

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