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Free Submit to Pizza Business Directory

June 30, 2018 siteadmin 0

It is time to free submit your business to Pizza Business Directory. Just join the Pitza site and submit your business in Persian (کسب و کارهای پیتزا) or English (or both of them). If you are a pizzeria or fast food shop owner If you […]

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Pizza Telegram Channel

June 23, 2018 siteadmin 0

If you like to be informed about Pizza world news. The “Pitza” site last posts. Pizzerias and fast foods discount coupons. Interactive videos about making pizza. and more … Please join Pizza Telegram Channel, We won’t send you many posts every day, you will receive […]

برندهای پنیر پیتزا در ایران

Iran Pizza Cheese Brands List

June 10, 2018 siteadmin 0

Iran Pizza Cheese Brands List in Persian بجز برندهای شناخته شده پنیر پیتزا که متعلق به شرکت های بزرگ لبنیاتی می باشند، ده ها تولید کننده دیگر نیز در بازارایران مشغول به فعالیت هستند. این شرکت ها معمولا محصولات تولیدی خود را از طریق شرکت […]

Margherita pita bread pizza

June 2, 2018 Mr MAP 0

One of the problems with pizza ordering in Tehran is finding a restaurant to order only one or more pizza slices instead of whole pizza. Some people order the whole pizza and if some stays, they put it in the refrigerator and flick to finish […]